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What to engrave on your custom jewellery

It's quite often difficult to think of the perfect idea for your custom piece, so we made this guide to try and help you with some ideas. Remember that everything can be customised, as nothing is 'already made', so feel free to send us an email if there is something you can't quite find.


If it be from an old birthday or Christmas card, or a note you have wrote yourself onto a piece of paper, you simply take a photo of it using your phone and upload it on our product listing page. Our team will remove the background and engrave the handwriting perfectly to make it the most sentimental gift you or the receiver will ever own.

Some ideas include:

- Your handwritten note
- Birthday/Christmas/Valentine's Day card
- Note from loved ones who have passed away
- A simple children's drawing
- Symbols/artwork


These are extremely sentimental pieces of jewellery, especially because you can feel their fingerprint as you glide your finger over the piece.

Our fingerprint jewellery is often engraved with the handwriting of a loved one alongside their fingerprint.

These also make the perfect gift for your partner or best friend. You can upload a high resolution picture of your finger, or use our fingerprint pad to get the perfect print.

You can also send:

- Hand, foot and lip prints, using our inkless print pad
- Nose and paw prints of pets


There is one dot on the map that reminds you of your most precious memories. Simply think of a location that means a lot to you or the person receiving the gift, and type the location in on our product listing page. We will then convert it into coordinates to be engraved onto your jewellery.

Some location ideas include:

- Where you first met
- Where you fell in love
- Your favourite place to travel to
- Where they said yes
- Where you got married
- Where they graduated
- Where you had your last goodbye


There really is an infinite number of ideas you can get engraved onto our jewellery. We can engrave any symbols, any language, and anything else that comes to mind.

Some ideas include:

- Roman numerals
- Morse code
- Names of children
- Cute / loving / inspirational / motivational quotes
- Any special date such as an anniversary, new home day, etc.


Simply specify the location, date and time of your special moment, and we will generate the exact star map of how the stars were aligned in the night sky for that specific time and location.

Some location ideas include:

- Where you first met
- Your first kiss
- Where your child was born
- The place you go to calm your mind
- Your first date together
- Motivation for the future: the location of your dream holiday or home
- Where you had your last goodbye